Why choose AndaseaT

Molded foam: More expensive, require mold opening, and are integrally formed. They have a great improvement in density and resilience relative to non-shaped foam, and are more durable. In general, the higher the density of the chair, the better the rebound resilience and the more comfortable the seat.When choosing a chair, it is recommended to choose a high-density primary molded foam.

Leather: Pay attention to your product’s functionality. Will you need it to be pliable and flexible? Go for PU. Do you need it to be durable? Go for PVC.

Framework: The loading capacity of the chair and the durability of the chair depend heavily on the framework. The steel framework has the highest loading capacity and longest lifetime. The wood framework and the steel+wood framework have low loading capacity and it’s easy to crack after only a few years use. The chair with 100% steel framework if recommended. For the steel framework, you may also consider the quality of the steel tube, what’s the thickness and the steel and how about the diameters of the tube? The thicker the steel used, the longer lifetime the chair will have

Harmful amount of elements: Like buying any furniture, you should firstly consider if the chair contains harmful amounts of elements. Does its leather, foam, armrest, wheel, base and any parts contain AZO dyes, Lead, Cadmium, PAH and Phthalates which do not meet EU standard. Europe has clear restrictions for furniture under REACH regulation. Do ask the retailer to show you the REACH certification if the chair is certified before you buy.

Safety: News reports that the explosion of the chair lift has been commonplace, and the inferior chair is a time bomb. The cause of the explosion is the inferior hydraulic pistons. It is necessary to confirm whether the hydraulic piston has passed the SGS international certification. SGS has different level of class, the class 3 is the lowest level you should accept for a chair, and class 4 is a preferred level. Secondly, another dimension to measure the safety is to look at the five-star base and framework of the chair. At present, there are basically three kinds of five-star bases for chairs: steel, nylon, and aluminum alloy. In terms of stability, nylon< aluminum = steel.